2nd UN Ocean Decade Regional Conference &
11th WESTPAC International Marine Science Conference

“Accelerating Ocean Science Solutions for Sustainable Development”

Bangkok, Thailand, 22 – 25 April 2024

Decade Action Incubators

The Decade Action Incubator serves as an interactive forum to catalyze partnerships, strengthen dialogue from ocean knowledge generators to knowledge users, initiate co-designing processes, and facilitate the development of potential Decade programmes or projects. Each Incubator will run for a period of no longer than three hours.

The proposed Decade Action Incubator shall address one or more of the seven Ocean Decade Outcomes: a clean ocean, a healthy and resilient ocean, a productive ocean, a predicted ocean, a safe ocean, a transparent and accessible ocean, and an inspiring and engaging ocean.

Incubator Information
Incubator 1
ECOPs' effort in citizen science
Incubator 2+10
Coastal ecosystems as nature-based solution for climate change mitigation
Incubator 3
Deoxygenation effects on fisheries and aquaculture: Linking ecological changes to human welfare in the Western Pacific
Incubator 4
Ocean Solutions: Understanding multiple stressors on coastal ecosystems and providing scientific solutions to benefits people, nature and economy
Incubator 5
Advancing the application of remote sensing for ocean sustainability
Incubator 6
Establishing decision-support tools for Eutrophication and Harmful Algal Blooms (EuHABs) Management
Incubator 7
Coral reef monitoring guidelines for MPA management
Incubator 8
Mobilizing actions for enhancing coral reef resilience
Incubator 9
Advancing marine conservation in the Coral Triangle region
Incubator 11
Jellyfish morphological and molecular identification for ocean health assessment
Incubator 12
Environmental DNA (eDNA) Technology for Coastal Ecosystem Management-Development and Application