2nd UN Ocean Decade Regional Conference &
11th WESTPAC International Marine Science Conference

“Accelerating Ocean Science Solutions for Sustainable Development”

Bangkok, Thailand, 22 – 25 April 2024

Scientific Sessions and Special Forum

Scientific sessions provide opportunities to present, share and exchange the latest scientific knowledge, identify knowledge gaps, and, if feasible, explore transformative ocean science solutions for sustainable ocean and livelihoods in the region. All sessions are structured around the following common priority issues of countries in the region.  Each session consists of oral and poster presentations.

A special forum will be organized with the UNEP/GEF “Implementing the Strategic Action Programme for the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand (SCS SAP Project). The forum will give opportunities for the SCS SAP networks to review scientific results and their applications for management, to analyse gaps/challenges and find solutions for the improvement of management effectiveness at the local level,  as well as to discuss how local actions and regional/transboundary cooperation could complement each other.

Sub-theme A
Ocean Processes and Climate Change Read more
Sub-theme B
Marine Biodiversity, Seafood Safety and Security Read more
Sub-theme C
Ocean and Human Health Read more
Sub-theme D
Emerging Ocean Science and Cross-cutting Issues Read more
Special Forum Read more